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ALO is an indispensable lifestyle magazine celebrating ethnicity, art, and culture. As a source of entertainment for a highly influential audience, ALO attracts elite lifestyle enthusiasts who want to expand, explore and experience a dynamic and diverse world, showcasing exotic destinations, insights and style.

Advertising with ALO gives you direct access to world travelers, and high end audience that are constantly looking for beauty, luxury, and grandeur.

An American Design Award winning magazine destined to please all of your senses with its high end 120 glossy and upscale pages with a focus on Culture, Travel, Art, Cuisine, Sports, Entertainment, Human Interest Stories and Fashion.

For Digital Media contact:
Anice David
Phone: 818.727.7785
Fax: 818.727.7735

For Brand Services contact Unique Image Inc.
An Emmy Award and Gold Ink award-winning agency that will customize your brand and more.